Knitting: Twisted Loop Scarf

I’m back! So many things have happened since my laptop bit the dust: holidays, new (to me!) laptop, job loss, job hunting, cooking, plans for the new apartment, and knitting!

Remember the scarf I promised wayyyyy back when? I won’t be sad if you don’t, it was close to an eternity ago.

In any case, it’s done! It took three months and three days, it was somewhere close to 9ft long before seaming, and it’s possibly one of my favorite things at the moment.

fo collage

The pattern is Toasty Twisty from The Caffeinated Knitter.  I fell in love with the four row repeat which was easy to memorize.  And I learned a new stitch, the twisted stitch, to create the “faux cable.”  It was a great project for my commute on the train, no need for a cable needle or a pattern to follow. I also figured it would be easy enough to turn into an infinity scarf because it’s completely reversible and full of awesome.

Now, I could have done a provisional cast on for this, but I had tried one before and became too frustrated with it.  Throwing caution to the wind, I cast on my stitches like normal and hoped I would figure it out later (most time this method works, sometimes it doesn’t…I don’t really suggest it).

What I wound up doing was only doing two knit rows at the beginning and none at the end.  I knit until I ran out of yarn, leaving enough to do a kitchener stitch seam.  I picked up those cast on stitches with a smaller needle (I cast on really, really tight if I’m not paying attention or don’t know until three months later that I need those stitches again) and did my knit, purl….purl knits for forever because when I picked up the stitches, I twisted them. Oops.  I had to un-twist them each time I had to do a stitch. For-evvvvv-errrrr.  The result? A not-awful seam that isn’t invisible but it’s also not very noticeable.


I used Cascade Yarns’ Cloud, a merino/alpaca blend which is super soft and springy.  It’s not plied, either, it’s got a chain texture which made it catch my eye when I was at my LYS.

The result is a super warm, super cute infinity scarf I can wrap around my neck 3-4 times. Bonus: it can cover my mouth and nose so my poor asthmatic lungs don’t hurt from Chicago’s bitter cold air.

I’m now working on the Boyfriend’s hat, a snowboarder-style bulky, slouchy hat. Spoiler alert: it should be a fairly quick knit, so you can look forward to another knitting post soon.


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