Knitting: Something Warm For His Ears + A Sneak Peek

Once upon a time, I promised my boyfriend a hat. And mitts. I’m a selfish knitter, so this was a big promise for me to make.

I’m pretty sure I made this promise about a year and a half ago.  I ordered yarn from KnitPicks in November 2011. I started mitt #1 on the following New Year’s Eve. Work and other things involving a defective spine happened and I finally finished both mitts last October. Just in time for cold weather!  And then I spent months knitting my Twisted Loop Scarf.  After that, I was ready to bust out the Bulky Wool of the Andes I’d bought well over a year ago.

hat collage

After searching through patterns, BF and I found a hat he’d like: I’m Glad It’s Plaid.  Now, we both agreed no plaid, but the shape is perfect.  It’s casual, bulky, and warm.  I cracked out my US8 needles and started on the ribbing.  It was when I finished the 5″ of ribbing I realized I was really using US5s…and the hat was way too small for an adult head.

And so the hat sat in time out for a few weeks. I found the right needles, glared at the hat, and cast on again. About two weeks later, BF has a hat! And despite finishing it the day before Spring officially started, he can still wear it because we live in Chicago…and Chicago weather is fickle, so it’s still pretty darned cold right now.

Other than the obvious mod where I didn’t use the colorwork charts, I also doubled the length of the ribbing so he could fold the brim up.  The pattern suggests knitting the color chart repeats 2-3 times, I did the equivalent of 3, or 7 inches, before I started the decrease rounds.

To make the pompom, I wrapped yarn around the shorter end of a DVD case roughly a gazillion times, slid the loops off, tied a knot around the middle and cut the loops to make a nice, large pompom for the hat.

AND! In other exciting news, this happened last week:

paint collage

You’re looking at paint for the new apartment: kitchen (green + chocolate cabinet kit), dining room (blue), and bedroom (almond + rouge).  We also picked out the new countertop and got ideas for the flooring for the kitchen.  Coming soon: demoing the kitchen, washing walls, and then painting!  I can’t wait to share the apartment projects with you.


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