The Crafter

If I could have my way, I’d be a 20-something Martha Stewart. And then some.

But let’s face it, I didn’t spend oodles on college for a degree in homemaking, crafts, or DIYing, even if I did get pretty handy while finding way to spend what little free time I had while I was in school.

I was 19 when I taught myself to knit. Loopy Yarns was a mere two blocks from my dorm, sharing the same building as my friends’ dorm. I don’t know what it was, the window displays, pretty yarn, or my penchant for colorful things…but I picked up a pair of needles and made the ugliest scarf ever. I did a few more endless stockinette stitch scarves before getting completely bored. Since then, I’ve grown to love shawlettes, cables, and lace.

Knitting is my main deal.

My other hobbies, in no particular order:
cooking, baking, sewing, manicures, DIY-crafting, Pinterest, yoga, and looking at cool interior designs.

Outside the internet and craft world, I work in the wacky world of radio/internet and I am a dogwalker and petsitter. I write, I’ve been a production assistant (read as: I play with sound), and I freelance.  You can see and hear my professional work here.

And…I’m pretty much your average cat lady. I’m pretty sure 75% of the pictures on my phone are of my cat.


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